Uplift’s mission

At Uplift, our mission is to bridge the technology education gap. We want to nurture a strong team and community of learners, teachers, and engineers who are driven by uplifting themselves and everyone around them through innovation and creation.


We are looking for:

  • Full-time Teaching Partners
  • Part-time Teaching Partners
  • Teaching Assistants
who have a passion for teaching and sharing their expertise.


If you’re passion is also on helping more individuals be equipped with software development skills in order to better their lives and the people around them, we welcome you to Uplift Code Camp


  • Experience on web development, converting UI/UX designs to user-centric, responsive and interactive websites
  • Hands on experience in different noSQL and SQL databases, RESTful APIs, unit testing
  • Proficient in HTML, CSS, and either or both JS (React and nodeJS) and PHP (Laravel)
  • Capability to motivate learning and share your knowledge with empathy and adaptive/effective teaching styles


Student development

  • Equip students with a problem solving mindset, helping them build their portfolio and instilling a continuous learning habit.
  • Arm them with the critical technical competence that they’ll need.
  • Motivate them to be present and participate in class.
  • Instill good habits on them eg. punctuality, asking questions, time management
  • Motivate and support them on building their projects and portfolio.
  • Introduce students to the community.

Learning experience design and delivery
  • Craft projects and home works that can sharpen the students and that they can use on their portfolios.
  • Create slides and documents as resources for the students.
  • Provide supplementary resources that the students can study out of class.
  • Ensure class orderliness.

Course management
  • Create weekly class assessments for co-teachers and other stakeholders
  • Provide assessments to students eg. 1:1s, code reviews

Curriculum development
  • Immerse yourself to the community and build connections and learn from what others are doing.
  • Continuously update curriculum and resources to be more relevant and effective to the students.

Full-time partners spend 40 hours a week in teaching, mentoring and support. Part-time partners spend 10-15 hours a week in teaching, mentoring and support. And teaching assistants spend 6-10 hours a week in mentoring and support.

Our passion is equipping individuals with software development skills to better their lives.
If you share the same passion, we’d love to hear from you, do send us a message and we will reach back to you.