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Software Development Bootcamp

Learn to code from anywhere. Join our online, live, interactive classes designed to build you up as a software developer with an amazing portfolio of projects.

Your career in coding starts here

Our course will take you from zero knowledge to junior software developer. We focus on fundamental skills, practical applications and collaboration workflows that will set
you up for success


Build static websites using HTML and CSS, debug using devtools, apply linting and be able to manage your work via git repository.


Build Javascript-based web applications applying DRY principles. Learn to pseudocode and solve recursion problems.

Modern Javascript

Solve problems using different data structures. And execute asynchronous code using callback and promises.


Build and debug functional React applications using best practices. Work in teams and learn to code review.

Nodejs, Express, MongoDB

Build and debug NodeJS applications, design RESTful APIs, design and implement MongoDB integration.

Be work-ready

Build multiple full-stack applications individually and in a team. Exercise your programming IQ. Ace mock interviews.

Schedule Options

Multiple schedule options to choose from.
You can attend the full-time classes where learning is your top priority. Or juggle other commitments, with the part-time classes. If you need more flexibility, learn at your own pace with the self-paced courses.

Duration4 months6 months2 months per module
ClassesM-F 8am to 5pm PHT;
40 hrs/week total
T-F evening and Saturdays OR M-F evenings;
12 hrs/week total
None. Watch the lectures on your own pace
Live lecturesRequired online 5x a weekRequired online 5x a weekNone
Recorded lecturesYesYesYes
ProjectsSolo and team; plus hackathonSolo and team; plus hackathonSolo and optional pair
One-on-one mentorshipLive one-on-one consultations with dedicated mentorLive one-on-one consultations with dedicated mentorLimited one-on-one consultations
Code reviews and feedbackYesYesYes
Career supportCareer insights, tips, resume writing workshops and mock interviewsCareer insights, tips, resume writing workshops and mock interviewsN/A
Job-interview guaranteeYesYesNo

Discounted and flexible tuition options available

Our mission is to empower more individuals with the skills to build future proof careers. Here is an introduction to the different arrangements and discounts you can avail.

Save 15%

EarlyBird and Upfront

Starts at ₱55,250

Enroll early or with friends to get discounts.

Exclusive of tax.

Installment Plans

As low as ₱4,675 monthly

6 and 12 month installment plans are available via Bukas.ph.

Exclusive of tax. Monthly fee dependent on terms.

Study Now, Pay Later

DP starts at ₱10,000

Pay a minimum fee to kickstart your career and delay bulk of your tuition payment when you have the skills to land a job. Available via Bukas.ph

Apply For Scholarship

Apply for scholarship to one of our partner institutions. Limited slots and availability.

Must meet the eligibility requirements. Limited availability.

What You Can Build

We are proud of what our students have been able to build. And you can do these too!

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Dormie project by JoyceEcommerce project by JCCounselify by JerichoNotes by Bea

Meet Your Mentors

Uplift Code Camp mentors are passionate and committed to the success of each student. Our team is composed with a diverse set of individuals. All backed with years of professional experience enabling us to deliver up-to-date, relevant and critical skills in creative, engaging and fun ways.

JC Azcarraga

JC Azcarraga

"I am passionate about food, sports, and problem solving in general. In web development, I strive to be holistic, which is why I have a constant process in learning about development, deployment, design, UX and management as well."

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Earon Pabon

Earon Pabon

"I love making things and learning how to make things. People would describe me as a highly extroverted individual."

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Rowell John Artiaga

Rowell John Artiaga

"My passion for teaching and sharing my knowledge and technology with the community has grown over the course of a decade as an educator. Also, I consider myself to be a lifelong learner, and I believe that each day presents an opportunity for growth and learning."

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JAG Galinada

JAG Galinada

"I’ve been interested in coding since that one summer in college that I got bored. Little did I know that my boredom will result in me having a career out of that hobby. Coding has been my life for 10 years now, it gives me a sense of fulfillment on creating something from scratch. All I can I say is, it's a never ending learning and improving one's skills."

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Marvin Almanzor

Marvin Almanzor

"I love food and beer, most of my project/article ideas are born when I've had a few on a chill Friday night. Love problem solving, maybe because I loved math in school. Sometimes I enjoy tackling/helping on other people' problems/projects over my own 😅. I find peace in just walking around and can go for hours on end."

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Jem Laguda

Jem Laguda

"An enthusiastic Full Stack Developer and a Teaching Assistant at Uplift Code Camp. I'm passionate about technology, curious about new methods and tools, have a high sense of quality, and a great team player, delivering SW with Agile Methodologies."

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Kaye Bonite

Kaye Bonite

"I`m a full stack developer who likes to create innovative solutions to everyday problems. I have always loved technology and making things from scratch."

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