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Java Development Bootcamp

Develop Java and SQL programming skills ready for a career as a software developer. Join our online, live, interactive classes designed to build you up as a software developer with an amazing portfolio of projects.

Duration6 months
Instalment available
PrerequisitesFor beginners
StartsFeb 20, 2024

Unlock new skills and journey into Java and SQL

Our course will take you from zero knowledge to junior software developer. We focus on fundamental skills, practical applications and collaboration workflows that will set
you up for success

Java Core

Master the fundamental parts of Java such as data types, operators, control statements, classes, objects, streams, concurrency and more...


Sharpen problem solving skills - analyzing problems, creating algorithms, working with different data structures, and validation of multiple scenarios.

OOP and Design Patterns

Apply the principles of object-oriented programming and learn to apply different design patterns.

Exception Handling

Write clean code with exceptions and learn to debug and resolve errors.


Model SQL databases and work with one of the most popular open source relational databases.


Build stand-alone, production-grade applications using Spring Data JPA, Security and Thymeleaf.

Web Development

Build simple Java-based web applications with git, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

AWS Deployment

Deploy projects to AWS EC2 and AWS RDS.

JUnit and Selenium

Write unit tests with JUnit and integration tests with Selenium.

Career support

Build multiple applications individually and in a team. Build online presence and ace mock interviews.

Why   Uplift Code Camp  ?

Gain critical skills to succeed in tech. Immersive curriculum with personalized coaching from experienced teaching partners at Uplift Code Camp.

Beginner-friendly with one-on-one support

We teach the basics and provide the support you need through mentorship and consultation sessions.

Inclusive community & lifelong friendships

Surround yourself and learn with passionate peers. Learn and build projects together.

Project-focused and industry-relevant curriculum

High quality curriculum designed by an international team of experienced software engineers.

Career support

Our interview workshops, mock exams and interviews with HR and engineering lead professionals will prepare you for the real world.

What Students Say

My uplift experience was pretty amazing from start to finish and even after I got a job as a cloud infrastructure software engineer. My Instructor was very knowledgeable, easy to understand and follow. The sequence of the curriculum are quite strategic. They also have well being programs, CV assistance and HR/Tech mock interviews aside from learning the lessons. They will let you experience both individual and group project.

{testimonial.student} photoJel SosaFrom Crypto Trader to Senior Analyst Service Now Developer at Accenture

Instructors are thoughtful and approachable. Community is great. Alumni help answer code questions. Also, the program have one one one consultations with the Instructors/ Teaching Assistant, soft skill workshops such as Time Management, Growth Mindset, etc.

{testimonial.student} photoRon LipataFrom Technical Support to Freelance Software Developer

Discounted and flexible tuition options available

Our mission is to empower more individuals with the skills to build future proof careers. Here is an introduction to the different arrangements and discounts you can avail.

Save 20%

Introductory Course Discount


Invest in full or installment.

EarlyBird and Upfront

Starts at ₱55,000

Enroll early or with friends to get discounts.

Installment Plan

₱8,000 per due

6-month installment plan available.

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