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Training and Workshops for your Business

Upskill and reskill your employees, maximize talent, strengthen retention, improve engagement and create a culture of innovation and growth. We`ll work with you in designing a program that best suits your needs.

Uplift Code Camp has a very comprehensive training program and the instructors are very accommodating to questions from the students/participants. The bonus part of their program is that they entertain a one-on-one consultation.

We at DICT Region 1 have tapped Uplift Code Camp for their training program; they not only know how to deliver topics for their training program, but it is also because their training program is backed by their experience in the industry of web development.

Michael Rabara

DICT Region 1 Provincial Officer

Team training for businesses

We have basic to advanced courses that we can roll out with your teams. And, we can also customize training programs according to your needs. We can work with you on your objectives, requirements, post-training expectations, and scheduling.

2-5 Days

Introduction to Web Development

This beginner-friendly workshop will enable your team to build web applications using HTML and CSS. Best suited for non-developers and interns to gain foundational knowledge and build a shared language with the tech team.


Accelerated Trainings

Designed for upskilling and reskilling developers, these bootcamps are project-driven and focused on fundamentals, good coding practices, and debugging. Stacks we have expertise on are: Javascript, ReactJs, NodeJs, PHP and Laravel.


Custom Learning Experience

Work with our team of senior software developers, engineering leads, educators, and learning experience designers to build the workshop and course that is fit for your team.

Why partner with Uplift?

Our learning methodology is focused on practicing and applying concepts to real projects, and we continuously improve it to be more effective. We will work closely with you so we can ensure that we are meeting your needs and setting your team up for success.


Practical and Modern Skills

Our programs are focused on training quality to produce trainees rich in skill with high learning agility. We employ quantitative and qualitative measures in our training and curriculum to make sure we are hitting the target outcomes.


Agile Learning Experiences

We design our programs with the trainees` experience in mind, maximizing talent and potential in an effective environment. And we place feedback loops through the process to better support the trainees.


Credible Team

Work with experienced developers, engineering leaders and learning experience designers who understand the software development skills needed in the industry and how best to immerse those skills to trainees


Our Commitment

We are committed on working with you to deliver the best outcomes for your team. From initial contact to post-program, we will support you and your team on your way to success.

Uplift Code Camp - DICT partnership

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