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No-Code Bootcamp

Build automation, web and mobile applications faster with no to low code tools. And expand your freelancing opportunities. Learn anywhere with one-on-one coaching and become part of a community of builders.

Tools that Get 90% of the Job Done

The most powerful and used tools in the industry. These tools will enable you to build automation, web and mobile applications, marketplaces, landing pages in just a few hours. And expand business and freelancing opportunities.


Who Is This Course For?

Beginners who want to build applications quickly with no to low coding needed.
Founders and entrepreneurs who want to quickly launch and test their idea.
Career individuals who want to automate and do their work faster.
Freelancers who want to earn more.

Harness the power of No-Code 🚀

Understand the capabilities of what can be built using No Code solutions. Transform Figma designs to live applications quicker. Build automation, web and mobile applications, and marketplaces using Glide, Zapier, Webflow, Bubble, Flutterflow, and Xano.

Intro to No-Code using Adalo

Introduction to the No-Code ecosystem. Translating a BRD to Figma to a No-Code application using Adalo.

Automation using Glide and Zapier

Understand what can be automated and build an application using Glide and Zapier with Google Worksuite.

Website creation using Webflow

Introduction to HTML, CSS, and Flexbox. Build a responsive and SEO optimized website using Webflow and its Customizable Templates. And with social media integration.

API creation using Xano

Learn to build, design and test APIs and databases. And create a scalable backend using Xano.

Mobile App Creation using Flutterflow

Build a mobile application with Firebase user authentication and notifications. And with Sendgrid for email notifications.

E-commerce website creation using Bubble

Build a full-stack marketplace with a mobile responsive frontend, workflow and database management using Bubble. Plus, billing integration with Paymongo.

Course Inclusion

Learn with outcomes that deliver results. This course will enable you to build applications quickly with no to low code needed. And open up new career opportunities for you.

8 weeks of fun

64 hours of live classes (TTH 7-9 PM; Sat 1-5 PM PHT)

5 portfolio-ready projects

Access to the recorded lectures and resources for 6 months post-program

Weekly coaching sessions

Project reviews

Mentors, community and peer support

Certificate of completion

A chance for a remote freelancing opportunity with Estel Studio

Meet Your Mentors

This No-code Bootcamp is in partnership of Uplift Code Camp and Estel Studio. Estel is one of the leading No-code studios who have helped local and international startups and SMEs successfully launch their digital products. Our team of passionate and experienced mentors, we'll be hands on in setting you up for a successful No-code development journey.



Crystal is the founder of Estel, a no-code product studio and the executive director of No-code Philippines, a non-profit. She loves no-code and how it empowers citizen developers.

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