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Learn at Your Own Pace

Web Dev Lite to Pro

Enjoy lighter tuition and more flexibility! Gain practical experience by working on projects and code challenges. And enjoy personalized mentorship, community support and detailed feedback from our instructors!

Web Dev Lite and Pro

Learn anytime, anywhere. Get the flexibility you need by consuming the lectures and doing the projects on your own time while still enjoying a community of peers and mentorship through scheduling one-on-one consultations.

3 months

Web Dev Lite

Build web applications and learn programming fundamentals using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Perfect for beginners who want to jump-start and explore software development.

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5 months

Web Dev Pro

Become a frontend developer and build scalable frontend applications using ReactJS. Designed for beginners who are interested in pursuing a frontend development career.

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We'll Provide Everything You Will Need

Our experienced teaching and student success teams will be there to guide and support you throughout the journey. You will build your network of mentors and peers, and build React applications.

Recorded Lectures and Code Along

Follow along at your own time and pace, unlimited replays.

Activities and Projects

Cement your learnings by building projects.

Detailed Code Reviews

Become better and learn best practices by getting direct feedback on your code.

One-on-one mentorship

Get personalized learning with one-on-one support to deepen your learning.

Community Support

Surround yourself and learn with passionate peers. Build your network of mentors and developers.

Meet Your Mentors

Uplift Code Camp mentors are passionate and committed to the success of each student. Our team is composed with a diverse set of individuals. All backed with years of professional experience enabling us to deliver up-to-date, relevant and critical skills in creative, engaging and fun ways.

Carole Monteloyola

Carole Monteloyola

"I see technology as a playing field for precision, hard work, creativity, and fun. It has given me opportunities and career options that taught me the value of putting effort into everything I do and I want to share it with the Uplift community."

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Rowell John Artiaga

Rowell John Artiaga

"My passion for teaching and sharing my knowledge and technology with the community has grown over the course of a decade as an educator. Also, I consider myself to be a lifelong learner, and I believe that each day presents an opportunity for growth and learning."

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Marvin Almanzor

Marvin Almanzor

"I love food and beer, most of my project/article ideas are born when I've had a few on a chill Friday night. Love problem solving, maybe because I loved math in school. Sometimes I enjoy tackling/helping on other people' problems/projects over my own 😅. I find peace in just walking around and can go for hours on end."

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