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Uplift Pledges Scholarship

Partial scholarship c/o Pledges for Filipino SHS students

Uplift Code Camp partnered with Pledges to uplift skills of SHS graduates to become work-ready.

Which bootcamps are eligible?

What does the scholarship cover?

This is a Partial Scholarship where scholars get ₱10,000 towards their tuition. And repayment of the tuition balance is in 14 months interest-free.

Who is eligible?

  • Senior Highschool Student or Graduate
  • Filipino citizen residing in the Philippines and of 16 years of age or older.
  • Individuals motivated to uplift their skills and committed to learn.

What are the benefits of the scholarship?

  • Lower tuition and a long-term interest-free repayment
  • Becoming part of Pledges' international group of scholars

How can I get started?

  • Make sure you have a device with at least 8GB RAM and 5 MBps Internet Speed to attend the bootcamp
  • Prepare the necessary documents
  • Enroll and schedule your interview
  • Take the logic drill, you will need to get a score of at least 80%
  • Work on a mini-web project
  • Attend the Financial Literacy webinar

What documents are required to be submitted?

  • Proof of school registration or transcript of records
  • Letter of interest
  • Proof of financial capacity
  • Recommendation Letter from a professor or academic advisor